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Everything started with one big song, which reached thousands of electronic music fans. 10 Years are gone since the Einmusik project was born in Hamburg. Passion and joy were two of the important things, making the sounds of Samuel Kindermann so special and succeed. The first album “De’ Medici” was a high class mixture of Einmusiks early and unique work which is still reflected in the shows of Samuel Kindermann. He is well known for his energetic and fascinating style, for strong Live-Sets and his charming smile. He knows, how to take the vibes of the club to the max. In 2011 the second album “Oceans Bottom“ opened a new chapter. The album tour was fully booked and Einmusik became a sought-after artist beyond the borders of Europe.
Now he comes up with a fresh Live-Set, delicate and multidimensional tracks and strong future soundswithout loosing the vision of “Oceans Bottom“.