Maxmaber Orkestar

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Maxmaber Orkestar, an Italo/Yugoslavian band, begins its journey in Triest, a traditional crossroads for different cultures and populations, junction between latin, slavic and germanic cultures and natural gateway between East and West Europe. Vocals, accordion, soprano and alto sax, guitars, drumset and acoustic bass to whisk away the audience in a journey through the Easter European and Mediterranean folk music. Klezmer, gypsy and balkan music, old italian songs and a bit of jazz blend together in a happy and melancholic sound. A musical path that flows aturally into the original scores, with lyrics in triestine dialect. In a world dominated by the standardized and iterative music of commercial pop-rock, by the monotonous beat of 4/4 time, Maxmaber Orkestar will seduce you through unusual and enveloping rhythms, archaic melodies and swinging dances.