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Oy is Joy Frempong and her first holler was heard in Ghana back in ’78 as she made her initial grande appearance. Ever since, this half-Ghanian and half-Swiss versatile vocalist has moved freely in space and sound and has taken part in many musical undertakings.
Oy brings an intense inner energy to her performance on stage, a mind-churning mixture of innocence and contrasting depth, spiced with a good sense of humor. The new live set-up, including drummer Lleluja-Ha, will deliver more clubby moments, and various colorful stories and proverbs act as a golden thread woven into into her offerings.
Throughout you’ll recognize Joy Frempong’s trade mark — her kaleidoscopic voice, changing color palettes and variegated textures and styles. All blended together with mechanical utte-rances from samplers and other sound machines.