Rubin Steiner

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As usual, you never know what happen on a new album by Rubin Steiner. Since 98, indeed, he had fun sampler of old jazz, turning analog synth arpeggios, playing with drum machines to dance, to shout his guitar, to compose hymns and exotica as many killing rock’n'roll, disco punk or hip-hop.
Today he plays with synthesizers and drum machines and drops the samples, guitars, and exotica to dive into his very particular vision of dance music: SF environments, monsters, love and retro-futuristic synthesizers.
Some will find it techno, rock n’roll other, yet other post-punk or disco. As usual, only Rubin Steiner Rubin Steiner, and always in fashion DIY, fresh and spontaneous, without trying to stroke in the direction of hair growth. And again, this is a bomb baby!