Candie Hank

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Candie Hank
Berlin, Germany

Candie Hank (the mischievous alter ego of Patric Catani) has been messing up the musical landscape from Tokyo to Sao Paolo for some time now. Despite multiple other releases with A*Class, Very Impossible Person, Puppetmastaz, among others, as well as various theatre and film soundtracks.

A cinematic, confronting journey through the eras of forgotten futurist lounge and Beat – He´s using the symbols of our darwinist pop society and the typical male stereotype character role model to appreciatively take it apart and dismantle the dictated, risk free attitude of the “New APP Order”. Hanks anarchistic approach taking and modifying statements in a plunderphonic way but giving it the spice and soul of Moog synths, 8Bit Roughness and the surreal twist of a Daniil Charms worshipping sample eating Bassmonster. Of course always in honour of Morricone, Rock Hunter, Hazil Adkins and the Euromasters.