Grüter & Bürgin

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Grüter & Bürgin
Zürich/Basel, Switzerland
(SRF Virus)

Rosanna Grüter and John Bürgin are the hosts of Grüter&Bürgin – one of Switzerland’s most popular radio shows devoting itself to club culture and electronic dance music. Since they started their weekly show on SRF Virus in 2009, they’ve not only built a platform for young Swiss producers and djs but also entertained their audience with a broad spectrum of electronic music and lots of self-irony.

Lately, Grüter&Bürgin decided to carry their passion for bouncy tunes and hypnotic dj-sets out into the world. In the future, they intend not only to be audible through your radio speakers anymore – but also visible behind Switzerland’s dj booths.