Helena Hauff b2b Daniele Cosmo

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Helena Hauff b2b Daniele Cosmo

Helena Hauff hails from Hamburg. Resident of Golden Pudel, half of Black Sites, releasing on Wekdiscs and next on Lux Rec, working with Hypnobeat. She’s a regular at Berghain and plays all over Europe. She has all the colors of the night and her relentless pulsating sets are just like a blindfolded journey into the darkest and deepest realms of techno.

Daniele Cosmo is, together with Faber, the man behind Lux Rec. A Zürich record label that uncompromisingly explores all the shades of the underground. Never wants to resurface, not for a single breath. Music from local unsung heroes as well as artists discovered along the way. His latest musical project is Savage Grounds, the analog techno outfit together with Contra Communem Opinionem.

For this occasion they team up on stage, a four hands set which is the natural extension of everything the duo are living and breathing. Venturing down, close to the fire.