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Sao Paulo, Brazil

Voodoohop creates engaging cultural underground events in Sao Paulo. Producing and playing diverse music ranging from tropical psychedelia, slow techno to groove and rhtyhm. Standing out by its originality & quality it mixes artistic projects with a hedonistic spirit. In this niche the ritual has grown from occupying venues in the old center of Sao Paulo to international underground fame. Voodoohop became one of the most friendly, hyped and popular new players. The events are nomadic, exploring temporary environments such as abandoned buildings, carparks, private houses, forests and lap dance clubs.

DJ Thomash, its founder, plays a fusion of tropical hedonism and avantgarde tranceinducing European electronic music, a lively mix that no doubt has its genesis in his transplanted German roots (he’s from Cologne aka Kompaktville). Together with Urubu Marinka, A Macaca and a bunch of performer and visual artist they will play a crafty unpretentious mix of slow techno, krautrock, layers of synth, psychedelia, deep house, dub and pagan tropical rhythms.