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MMM is the collaboration of Errorsmith and Fiedel. Their style is disco, techno and house influenced club music in the broadest sense. Since 1996 they release on their own label. The track ‘Donna’ from their second 12ì single became a real techno classic. This timeless disco-techno hybrid is still played out today, appeared on countless mix-cds made by DJ Hell to Boys Noize and animates ecstatic youtube comments to this day. So it’s no wonder that MMM has to meet from time to time to stamp the repressed records (stamp=artwork).

Like the productions of Errorsmith, Soundhack, Soundstream and Smith n Hack, all MMM tracks are released by the artist theirselves instead of a label to assure the most possible artistic and financial independancy. This is possible through the support of Hard Wax, the famous  Berlin based record store. After the first two releases, MMM took a longer break. Errorsmith released music under his solo name and started Smith n Hack with befriended Soundhack. Fiedel continued to dj. Today he is one of the resident Djs of the Berghain club in Berlin and is like MMM represented by its inhouse ‘Ostgut’ booking agency.  For the Lethargy the two come as MMM live for the first time to Zürich!