SA 10.08.24 | Club | 04:00-05:30

Audrey Danza, a DJ, producer, and the force behind Proxima label and parties, is known for her refined taste spanning genres. Her DJ sets effortlessly traverse moods and styles, crafting euphoric moments with a seamless blend of techno and trance. A resident at Motel Campo since 2019, Audrey divides her time between Geneva and Berlin, drawing inspiration from both cities' vibrant music scenes.
With a deep knowledge of dance music, Audrey founded Proxima, reissuing 90s music on vinyl and releasing cutting-edge club tracks. She's honing her unique sound through production, from tracks to remixes. Developing her Proxima parties, she plans to expand across Europe in 2024.
Regular appearances at Panorama Bar/Berghain showcase her sought-after DJ status, while her energetic Boiler Room mix highlights her versatility. Audrey continues to invest energy in captivating performances and innovative projects, crafting distinctive sound spaces.