BOGOMIR DORINGER video installation

SO 11.08.24 | See |

the ongoing research project I Dance Alone by Bogomir Doringer, which started in 2014 presents a captivating visual study delves into the heart of nightclub culture, where Doringer, from a bird's eye perspective, skillfully documents flows of energetic dance floors worldwide. By suspending cameras above these vibrant dance spaces, he observes and captures the unique expressions of those who revel in the music and movement.

The socio-political changes over the years, raised new thought-provoking questions for the artist: How has club culture evolved in the last eight years? What influence do socio-political changes have on the rhythms, rituals, and dance gestures witnessed on these dance floors? How do these socio-political shifts find expression and interpretation through dance? To Doringer, these dancing crowds are like clouds announcing shifts in weather conditions: "There is something truly enchanting and magical about witnessing individuals move freely within a space."

During the festival on Sunday 11th of August, Doringer will be filming dancing crowd from a bird eye view. Filmed visuals together with archives of filmed clubs will be presented at the Swiss National Museum in exhibition Techno-culture that will open in March 2025. 

production, camera and editing by Rafael Kozdron