DREAD J live

FR 09.08.24 | Ziegel | 00:30-01:30

By the late 1980s, Dread J had already fallen for the early stages of electronic music.
A true techno pioneer of the Swiss Midlands.
Preferably over several hours, Dread J tells a rhythmically fluctuating and profound
story. Bound in minimalist sound structures, he lets the techno sphere steadily float in
the infinite expanse of being. 303 acid elements and delicate bass patterns merge with
the electronic interpretation of Afro-rhythms, creating rhythm-extracted melodies born
from deep passion and imagination.
It's as if you wake up in Detroit, even though you never fell asleep in Berlin.
Dread J consistently manages to hypnotize the sweat-drenched crowd of techno
enthusiasts with rolling, pulsating beats on his sonic journey, while igniting himself
sonically like a firework.