SO 13.08.22 | Seebühne | 18:00-19:30

Born out of a one-off collaboration in the context of a MUTEK_rec
release, Flabbergast, Guillaume Coutu Dumont and Vincent Lemieux, has
continued to develop thereafter. Focused for more than ten years on
completely improvised live performance, the group has been focusing since
2014 on composition and increasing its releases.
Flabbergast’s music draws its influences from the four corners of electronic
music, but also from jazz, hip hop and contemporary music. The
complementarity of the fields of expertise of each of the composers allows the
spectrum of the group’s compositions to be broadened. Stylistically, no
musical influence is prohibited. Flabbergast recently launched their own
imprint Copier/Coller with a first ep titled Sol 668.