SO 11.08.24 | Hof | 18:00-19:30

As a multi-instrumentalist producer and DJ, Jarl Flamar navigates from stage to stage to spread his imaginative world. His ability to play nearly every instrument from the Middle East, combined with his precise sound engineering skills, has led him to create hypnotic and powerful oriental house music, as effective in underground clubs as in luxurious gardens.

Discovered at famous festivals like Fusion, Wonderfruit, Ritual Days, Ozora, and Astropolis, he has already played his music in a dozen countries around the world. In 2023, his live videos reached an even larger audience with several million views on YouTube and Instagram.

After a decade crafting his unique and very organic style, mixed with modern sound design techniques, he aims to transport you to utopian jungles and deserts of faraway planets, under a burning sun.