LazerGazer dj

FR 09.08.24 | Club | 01:30-03:00

Meet LazerGazer, a Damascus-born DJ and visual artist now based in Amsterdam, known for her blend of contemporary club music, featuring breakbeats, bass, Electro influenced, and percussive sounds.

LazerGazer's music is an immersive journey, that transports the audiences to the unknown. Each track evokes intense emotions and hypnotic rhythms during her performance.

LazerGazer has a creative approach to mixing and selection that is difficult to predict; whether she’s leaning into classic house and UK garage or contemporary club and bass music, her selections, through their morphing rhythms and melodic sensibilities often honour her Syrian origins while remaining immensely current.

She crafts powerful basslines and driving percussion that captivate the mind and stir the soul of her audience. Immersed in the depths of human emotion, her compositions resonate with raw passion, igniting a fire throughout her sets.