OLYMPE4000 dj

FR 11.08.23 | Fabriktheater (FT) | 03:00-04:30

The French rising star, Olympe4000 is unstoppable. An adrenaline quality and rave exploration who has been breaking away from standards and merged styles, from old to new in a hybrid, personal and communicative atmosphere, between techno, electro, trance and bass music. An unbridled and uninhibited approach to the mix, accompanied by a definite political commitment.
Resident DJ of Rinse France and Badaboum club, Olympe4000 has also soundtracked Berlin clubs RSO, OXI and Sispyphos, Munich’s Rote Sonne, Harry Klein, Leipzig’s mjut, Club Vaag in Antwerp, White Noise in Stuttgart and Madrid’s Sala Siroco, garnering an intrigued audience along the way.
Adrenaline Quality, her imprint, is an extension of her world, fusing electronic rhythms, organic textures, sound design and traditional influences. This year, Olympe4000 will showcase international and local artists on the label, melding different moods, from hardgroove techno to UK dubstep, bass to slow trance, and electronica to house - everything that purrs, squeaks and reflects its scales.