OMAR DAHL concert

So 13.08.23 | Hofbühne | 18:00-19:00

Synths & drones support the groovy beats that get you in the mood for dancing, brass & strings top this all off with catchy melodies, inspired by Arabic & Balkan music.

Omar Dahl released Oscar’s Walk in 2020.
This song is part of The White Collection, a compilation album put together & recorded by Eskimo Recordings.

Just prior to the summer of 2021, the band released Piruet, another single which they released through Global Hybrid Records.

Early 2022, the band’s EP 'Where We Left' was finalized and released through the German label, Underyourskin Records.
Last summer, they played shows in Turkey (e.g. Cheerz Festival), Greece (e.g. Scorpios), Luxembourg (e.g. DGW Festival), the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium (e.g. Tomorrowland).

In February 2023, they released their latest EP ‘Zephyr’ on WAYU Records. In addition to release shows in Belgium & Scandinavia, they also presented the EP on tour in Mexico.